Allergy & Health Scan Program


Feeling like your energy is low and fed up of allergies & bloating?

Want to lose weight or clear toxins?

Or simply want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, sound likes you?

Talk to our practitioners to find out what to eat why and when! A healthy diet can change your life! You can expect increased energy levels, a stronger immune system and a good nights sleep! Your practitioner combines tcm nutrition with life coaching & breathing techniques for you make new health choices to nourish, clear & revitalise your body back to daily bursting Vitality!!

£170  -  full diagnosis health scan program & allergy program

Initial consultation 60 mins – £60

Follow up 60 min session – health results with explanation,  with full personalised diet plan – £50

Allergy and health scan testing – £60

Results of 36 body functions – find out why your allergies are there in the first place & how to rid them for good!

1.cardiovascular and cerebrovascular 
2.gastrointestinal function 
3.liver function 
4.gallbladder function 
5.pancreatic function 
6.kidney function
7.lung function  
8.brain nerve
9.bone disease 
10.bone mineral density 
11.rheumatoid bone disease
12.blood sugar 
13.basic physical quality 
14.human toxin 
15.trace slement 
16.endocrine systerm 
17.immune systerm 
20 breast 
21.element of human 
22.amino acid
23.heavy metals
24.male sexual function
30.bone growth index 
32.channels and collaterals
33.pulse of heart and brain
34.blood lipids
35.sperm and semen
36.menstrual cycle

Important preparation for testing

  • Should not drink wine and coffee, not eat health products and try not to take medicine two days before testing.
  • Keep regular life and normal sleep two days before testing.
  • After intense activity, have a rest 1-2 hours before testing.
  • Testing should be carried out in semi-fasting. Keep loose and warm clothing.
  • Should have half empty stomach
  • Keep relax and breath balance, no talking while detecting
  • No pacemaker

Find out all your body functions deficiencies and allergies with the experience of professional BS medical practitioner to support your future health and life.

Your follow up session with have your in-dept results with a personalised life and diet plan folder to take away – this will support you to make your daily life energised & happy!

Future treatments will also be advised personally depending on your bodies needs & results, this will be discussed with you in your follow up session.

Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Nutrition, herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Life-coaching, Sports therapy, Massage and more…

Any treatment package followed up from results will receive a free treatment   – 6 x course sessions @ £270  get 7th free!

Valued to use within 6 months of purchase.